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MouseOver the server symbol shows server specific detailed information.

the stars symbolize the cookies set by the related server - MouseOver a star shows the cookie content.
The size of the server symbol is related to the combined amount of requests and amount of cookies.

This is a snapshot of the available server connections at the date near the symbol located on the canvas.
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including the display of URL-requests and cookies.
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about Cookies


Types of Cookies:

Session Cookies:
these cookies do not contain an expiration date - they are stored in memory as long a the respective browser session is running. When the browser is closed session cookies are lost.

Persistent Cookies:
are stored to disk with an expiration date set - this means, that these cookies remain stored until the expiration date is reached or they are deleted manually. This type of cookies often is used to store individual user settings or to track user behavior for advertising reasons.

The domain attribute of a first-party Cookie will match the domain that is shown in the address bar of the web browser.

Third Party Cookies belong to a domain, obviously not shown in the browser-bar. This is the consequence of integrating external services into webpages - ie. advertising, analytics, statistics, cookie reminders ...

see HTTP Cookies at Wikipedia